What is Dripcoin?

Dripcoin will bring Artists and fans together. It is the solution, it will create revenue for producers, engineers, vocalists, and song writers currently unable to monetize their work. Funded by the people, it brings a new level of revenue into the music industry. Dripcoin, DRP, is our project to try and harmonize musicians and producers. We're striving to create revenue for producers previously providing free beats to artists. As well as providing those artists the currency to pay the producers. Dripcoin is simple, it is only whole coins. The team here at Dripcoin is after one thing, and that is creating a community and an economy around talent and creation.

Complex Feature
How Dripcoin Works

A cryptocurrency for musicians, artists, and fans. Purchase Dripcoins, exchange it for work, use it for anything from merchandise to events. It encourages collaboration among producers and artists, the music industry is in a new age, and we need to secure it.

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Partnered with HauntedTrap, and many more to follow. Learn how to become a partner, contact us.